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Media Ignore Mounting Evidence of Widespread Vote Fraud and Election Manipulation, Charge Greens

from the Green Party of U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders urged themainstream media to cover evidence, including areport from the non-partisan GovernmentAccountability Office (GAO), which found thatelectronic voting machines can be manipulatedwithout detection, along with other evidence ofelection fraud and obstruction.

"Why won't the media cover the GAO report?",asked Gwen Wages, co-chair of the Green Party ofthe United States. "Just as major newspapers andbroadcast media ignored indications thatintelligence of Iraqi WMDs and collusion betweenSaddam Hussein and al-Qaeda had been cookedbefore the U.S. invaded Iraq, they're nowignoring the destruction of American democracy."

After Election Day, 2004, Green presidentialcandidate David Cobbled efforts to investigate widespread reports ofvote obstruction and manipulation by Republicanand Democratic officials in Ohio and New Mexico,especially targeted at African American and youngvoters. Unlike 2000, the major U.S. mediadismissed evidence compiled in 2004 by the Cobbcampaign and revealed during hearings led by Rep.John Conyers (D-Mich.) that Ohio Secretary ofState J. Kenneth Blackwell and other Republicanelection officials used various means to fix theelection's outcome.

Greens cited recent news about electionmanipulation, covered in independent print andInternet media:

  • The GAO's 107-page report,released publicly on October 20, confirms thatelectronic voting machines are not secure, caneasily be hacked, and often use secret, in-housesoftware that is neither certified nor adequatelyinspected. The report supports many claimswidely dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' thatGeorge W. Bush was placed in the White Housethrough a fixed election in 2004, repeating the2000 election theft. Mainstream media ignoredthe report's release.
  • Voter Action reports that New Mexico election officials haverefused to allow the voter plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the results of the 2004Presidential Election (Patricia Rosas Lopateguiv. Rebecca Vigil-Giron, et al.) to inspectelectronic voting machines. ("Plaintiffs BlockedDuring Discovery Phase of New Mexico '04 ElectionLawsuit", The Brad Blog, November 12, 2005,More >)
  • Investigations by journalists Bob Fitrakis andHarvey Wasserman exposed electronic votemanipulation to prevent passage of four electionreform proposals on the ballot in Ohio, after theoutcome on November 8 was inconsistent to thepoint of statistical impossibility with polls ofvoters conducted by The Columbus Dispatch. ("HasAmerican Democracy died an electronic death inOhio 2005's referenda defeats?", The Free Press,November 11, 2005More >)

    The Green Party has called for voter-verifiedpaper ballots to provide an auditable record ofvotes cast on computer voting machines, and forvoting machine source code designed to be openfor public inspection and verification before andafter an election.


    Green Party of the United States
    1700 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 404
    Washington, DC 20009.
    202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
    Fax 202-319-7193

    "Federal Efforts to Improve Security andReliability of ElectronicVoting Systems Are Under Way, but Key ActivitiesNeed to Be Completed"
    United States Government Accountability Office,
    September 2005

    "Deep-rooted Voting Irregularities Persist,Watchdogs Say"
    By Catherine Komp, The News Standard, November10, 2005
    More >

    "Powerful Government Accounting Office reportconfirms key 2004 stolen election findings"
    By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman, Axis ofLogic, November 1, 2005
    More >

    "None Dare Call It Stolen: Ohio, the election,and America 's servile press"
    By Mark Crispin Miller, Harper's Magazine,August, 2005
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