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April 8, 2017 by Posted in: Democracy

Personally, I have no illusions about the political goals of the new US President, Donald Trump. I do not like most of what he says. I would not have chosen him either.

But ultimately it is not important what Trump is announcing – more importantly, what he declares. And in this respect, according to the Brexit vote of the British, Trump’s election victory can be the second start shot for a major clearing out of which the world is a bit freer, more mobile and more forward-looking.

It is obvious that the consensus of the acceptable, the well-being, the cultivated, the beautiful, the rich and the educated, who, for years, conducted the course of the world in unquestioned and self-evident ways.

The times when the political and cultural establishment could ride sleighs freely on the back of the silent masses tended to come to an end.

Liberal elites far from reality

How far these liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan elites are removed from actual civilization and cultivation, they reveal at the moment of their defeat: in public, they put their hatred for the new strongest man in the world in sucking or tear-stricken voices But in truth the little man who chose him.

To this extent, many US voters of the Trump Tower today appears to be a real, authentic, honest and more citizen-like than the White House.

The elite protests, which do not shrink even before the use of niveauulous theories of conspiracy, is itself deeply elitist: it is not directed against the billionaire trump and his announcement that he wants to lead the country like a company.

While rebeling from above, Trumps’ role is as a chosen representative of the simple, “uncivilized” and “uneducated” people from the lower classes and from the province.

Debris of the old technocrats’ rule

It is this aspect, the political change that is in front of us, which makes me curious and at the same time also optimistic: My confidence is completely independent of Trump and his political agenda. Rather, it is based on the democratic demotion of a political agenda, which has lost all relation to the life of many people and has never been as progressive and enlightened as it has always been.

The cracks that the last year’s political landslides have created in the fa├žade of this “alternative” policy will not be easily dazzled.

Too grotesque and absurd are the attempts to declare the ruins of the old technocratic rule as a memorial of modern and living architecture.

The hysteria with which the nomenclature responds to the political upheavals of the past year – Trump, Brexit, Italy – referendum, the elite and EU crisis, as well as the pan-European rise of rage and anxiety parties as a result of a headless immigration policy – The times of pseudopolitical consensus-orientation seem unrealistic.

After years of disillusioned silence and non-election, the leadership demands of the non-oriented stagnation administrators are once more openly questioned and challenged.

This is democracy

Of course, not every alternative answer that is thrown into the ring is really a response or even an alternative. Nevertheless, it is good and vital for democracy to be questioned at all, and to be pushed against standpoints. Anyone who has once used a water supply that has been unused for years, knows that it will initially promote mainly inedible brackish water.

Our political culture is reminiscent of such a water pipeline: it has been laid down for many years, covered and clogged by a thick layer of muddy solitude. To solve this plug, filigree micro-tools and well-tempered refractility in homoeopathic doses are not enough.

How much the political slowness of past years has stifled our senses and impaired our judgment is made clear by the grotesque struggle of the prevailing elites. The veneration of the former US President Barack Obama is so bizarre that it is almost the language. Recall that this President, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has dropped 26,000 bombs over the Middle East last year alone.

“Yes, we can,” he shouted, pushing more immigrants violently in his presidency than any of his predecessors.

“Yes, we can,” he cried, leading every day in his term of war: Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

Currently Obama sends troops to Poland. And we should be serious about Trump being an uncivilized guy?

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